The First Ever Steve Barker Pet Artist blog

Posted on Sep 05, 2023.

The First Ever Blog

Hello and welcome to the first ever Steve Barker Pet Artist blog. This blog marks a significant and personal moment, the next step in my artistic and creative journey, and one that has been several years in the making.

After a number of years of using drawing as a way of resetting the dial, personal down time and a moment to relax, drift off and an opportunity to forget and find my own space, I decided to take the plunge, push the boat out and develop the whole notion of Steve Barker the Pet Artist.

Prior to this I had always drawn for pleasure, drawing mainly for friends or friends of friends, but over time, as the portfolio grew, it felt only right that I should develop and follow my long held personal ambition.

Central to this moment was the decision to commission this bespoke website, which is an amazing online space where I can showcase and share my coloured pencil drawings. Freddie the retired Greyhound was the first drawing that I was commissioned to draw, the first drawing in the portfolio and the new journey.

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